Thursday, 20 October 2011

Solar powered telemetry system

Solar powered telemetry system

Telemetry system based on nRF905 and nRF9E5 transceivers:
  • bi-directional radio link, BFSK modulation, ISM 868MHz band, over 400 m range in open space or 2-3 floor levels in building,
  • hardware with minimal energy demand,
  • amorphous silicon double-stacked solar cells as primary power supply for remote nodes,
  • DLC (Goldcap/Supercap/...) used as energy storage for remote nodes, 2 x 1F/5.5V used in prototype gives work time (RF communication with 15 minutes interval) over 28 h without solar power,
  • central station equipped with USB interface (PIC18F2550), PC software uses cross-platform libusb library,
  • native interface to MySQL,
  • www based user interface,
  • main station with ability to work independently,
  • simple RTC (POSIX time),
  • EEPROM data storage, mini file system with wear-leveling,
  • central station is USB or externally powered; data is buffered and stored in non-volatile memory when there is no USB connection.
Some photos:
remote_node.jpg stacja.jpg stacja2.jpg modul_zasil.jpg


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