Friday, 21 October 2011

Physics: Electromagnetism: Software

Hi this is my next good one for you

  • 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software - EM Explorer (EMXP) is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) solver for planewave scattering problems of periodic structures.
  • BiotSavart - Commercial magnetic field calculator for the design of 3D coil systems. Includes inductance and force calculations. Mac OS X and Windows XP versions available.
  • Computer Simulation Technology - Offers a suite of commercial electromagnetic analysis simulation software.
  • EMCoS Consulting and Software - A producer of software for automotive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) computations, electromagnetic interference (EMI), cable harness CAD/CAE and antenna design.
  • EMS - Electromagnetic software package coupled with SolidWorks. It allows electrostatic, conduction, magnetostatic, AC-magnetic and transient simulations.
  • FEKO - Comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool, based on computational electromagnetic techniques. Applications include antenna analysis and design, antenna placement, RADHAZ, EMC, bio-EM, RCS, waveguide components, microstrip circuits, cable coupling and radome analysis.
  • Fast Field Solvers - Find software tools, aids, information and utilities related to the electro magnetic characterization of complex 3D structures.
  • Field Expert - Create 2D systems of point charges and view equipotentials and lines of force with FieldExpert for Windows.
  • Field Precision - Company specialized in the finite-element software for electromagnetics. Software includes a set of packages for electrostatics, electromagnetics, electron beams, RF, and microwave simulations.
  • GEMACS Electromagnetic - General Electromagnetic Model for the Analysis of Complex Systems - for modeling antennas, structures, coupling, and scattering.
  • HFSS - Ansoft's 3D full-wave electromagnetic field software can be used in circuit, high frequency, signal integrity, and electromechanical simulations.
  • IEEA - Company specializing in computational electromagnetics consultancy and software. Competencies include antenna designs, electromagnetic compatibility studies, radar cross section computations, propagation and space weather modeling.
  • Infolytica - Offer electromagnetics design software for both low and high frequency applications. Products include MagNet, ElecNet and FullWave.
  • LaOnda - Free EM simulation and design software by Andreas Hakansson.
  • Magnetic Field Visualization Software - A commercial computer program for fast modelling and visualization of magnetic fields. It was written using Borland Delphi and Pascal.
  • Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC) - A code for an RF antenna design: unofficial archives including executables, source and documentation.
  • Vector Fields - Commercial software for electromagnetic and microwave design.
  • Visualis Physics Electromagnetism - Interactive educational software for physics, offering 3D views of electromagnetic phenomena with intuitive visualisation. Developed by Editons Pixit Communication, Switzerland.


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