Friday, 21 October 2011

Physics: Software

Hi this is my next good one for you


  • Dexadine Inc. - Ballistics software for handloaders, reloaders, hunters, and shooters. Windows and DOS available.
  • EBV4 Exterior Ballistics Software - Description of a program which calculates trajectories of objects through the atmosphere.
  • Load From A Disk - Reloading and ballistics software for marksmen, hunters, and shooting enthusiasts.
  • MEPlus - Muzzle energy program for reloaders that works under DOS and Windows.
  • Modern Ballistics - Program includes simulations of the sight picture, tracer trajectories, probabilities of hits, in addition to the usual tables and graphs of drop, velocity, and windage.
  • Pejsa Ballistics - Ballistics software and book for precision shooters, hunters, marksmen, and the military.
  • Perry-Systems - Home of Exbal exterior ballistics calculator for Windows 95, 98, NT.
  • Pinsoft Software - Helps user find gun's optimum performance settings, or see how it performs when velocities are increased or different bullets are used.
  • Recreational Software, Inc. - Macintosh or Windows ballistics software. Chronographs for rifle and handgun shooters.
  • ShotSoft - For managing competitions, championships, finals, or diplomas. Free demo version. Windows.
  • Sight In Systems, Inc. - Helps to improve the shooting skills of center fire rifle sports shooters and hunters. Free Windows XP demo available.
  • Silhouette Ballistics -


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