Wednesday, 19 October 2011

SI-Prog schematics


All schematics in this page are copyrighted © by Claudio Lanconelli, you need my permission before to publish them in your site, magazine or other media.
Some adapters are not available as GIFs. Look at PDF file, please.
Complete schematics are available in Acrobat PDF file format:

SI-Prog 2.2 : current board in production
NB: AT17Cxx eeprom use the same socket as DS1621 (U10 in the PDF schematics. X2444 use the same socket as 93Cxx (not rotated pinout). MDA2061/MDA2062 are similar to NVM3060, but they also need a 20V at pin 3 and 1KHz clock at pin 13.

Base board

SI-Prog base: connect it to the PC DB9 serial port.
You can connect any of the following adapter card to the 10 pin connector. The interface sinks current from the PC serial port, so it doesn't need any external power.


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