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Physics: Optics:

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  • ABCD Laser Beam Propagation Software - A Macintosh-based program for propagating Gaussian laser beams through various optical elements or calculating eigenmodes of simple resonators.
  • ATMOS and AtmosFRINGE - Amateur telescope maker optical design and analysis software is a program for designing and analyzing telescope configurations. AtmosFRINGE is an interferogram analysis software used to extract quantitative wavefront measurements from a laser interferogram.
  • Barnard Microsystems - Develops microwave and optotelectronic device and circuit design software.
  • Bentec Multiplexed Hyperaspheric Optical Surfaces - Provides free download optical software (aspheric/hyperaspheric), designs and manufactures aspheric polymer optics. Non-spherical wavefront transformation lenses are designed to specification.
  • Breault Research Organization, Inc. - Software and consulting services for the development and analysis of optical systems.
  • Computational Optics Group (COG) - Software for computational optics and computational electromagnetics. Offers MaX-1, a general Maxwell solver, MMP is a Multiple Multipole Program, GMT solves for electrodynamic fields. Includes evolutionary optimization, genetic algorithms and evolutionary strategies
  • Diffraction International - DURANGO interferometry software for data acquisition, analysis, evaluation and simulation. Support of many interferometer hardware.
  • Diffractive Optics Design - This site presents a new powerful and versatile softaware for diffractive optics design.
  • EM Explorer - A software package consisting of a number of simulation engines for rigorous EM scattering and optical imaging simulations.
  • Electron Optical Design - Software for the design of charged particle optics devices.
  • Engineering Calculations - Offers KDP-2, an optical design and analysis program. Also provides custom optical design and analysis consulting services.
  • FCSEL OpenFilters - Open source software for the design, optimization, and synthesis of optical interference coatings.
  • FTG Software Associates - Software for optical thin film coating and spectrophotometer data acquisition
  • Femtosoft Technologies - Sells retrieval software for the measurement of femtosecond laser pulses using Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating (FROG).
  • Fit ;o) - M√∂ssbauer spectroscopy fitting and analysis program written in Borland Delphi. It has a graphical user interface that allows all actions to be carried out via mouse clicks or key shortcut operations.
  • Focus - Curve fitting software for the Windows operating system that has been developed to facilitate spectroscopic modelling and data exchange.
  • Grating Solver Development Company - GSOLVER is a tool for analysis of gratings with arbitrary groove profile based on full vector diffraction. Antenna Solver is a rigorous antenna analysis program
  • HOLOOR - Offers DOE-CAD, a software for design, masks generation and performance modeling of diffractive optical elements. The company also provides beam shapers and focusers, F-Theta lenses and lenslet arrays.
  • Hesotar - Virtual Nonlinear Optics Workbook. The software enables students and scientists to perform numerical experiments in nonlinear optics. A free demo is provided.
  • IME Software - Provides physics educational software: RAYTRACE, for teaching geometrical optics, GASSIM is a molecular simulation program, ELF is an electric field and equipotential plotter.
  • Imatest - A software that uses inexpensive and widely-available test charts to measure device sharpness (MTF), perceptual sharpness (SQF) and many other parameters.
  • International Intellectual Group, Inc. - PC Grate is a software for calculations of diffraction efficiency of different types of relief gratings on PCs.
  • LAS-CAD GmbH - Laser cavity design and analysis code LASCAD, including FEA and DPSSL analysis.
  • LTI Optics, LLC - Provides software for photometric analysis and lighting design of non-imaging optical systems. Products are Photopia and Lumen Micro.
  • Lambda Research Corporation - Their products include the TracePro software for illumination analysis featuring tutorials on using a light pipe and the OSLO optical lens design software.
  • Laser Fourier Adaptive Method (LaserFOAM) - Simulates the propagation of ultrashort laser pulses in photonic crystal fibers using an adaptive split-step Fourier method (free, python).
  • LensForge - A lens design software for Mac OS X that makes possible the simulation of ray propagation in different optical systems.
  • Light Tec - Distributor of software for optical design, illumination, straylight, integrated optics and color measurements.
  • LightTrans VirtualLab - Provides tools that allow straightforward analysis of systems, design of diffractive optical elements and beam shapers, analysis of gratings and laser resonator analysis.
  • MC Grating - Software for grating analysis and design based on Chandezon, True and Fourier methods.
  • MIE Software - Software for Mie scattering calculations.
  • MIT Photonic-Bands - Software for computing optical band structures (dispersion relations) in periodic dielectric structures and photonic crystals (free, C source).
  • MODAS - Modern Optical Design and Analysis Software - Paraxial and Seidel calculations, spot diagrams, ray fans, 3D wave aberrations and energy distribution, optical layout, optimization. (MS-Win, free crippled version available).
  • MS Macrosystem - Offers 3-dimensional visualization software for laser beam topography, optical interferometry, and atomic force microscopy.
  • Multilayer Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis (MRCWA) - A fast, flexible optical grating solver. It calculates an exact solution using Maxwell's equations for the diffraction of light from an optical grating defined by the user through a set of intuitive python bindings.
  • NaturalGrafiX: ImageIron - A high precision software used for automatic capture and removal of lens aberrations (such as distortion and vignetting) of high-end digital cameras.
  • OPTIS - Optical design and analysis software. CAD software for light simulation. Products are SPEOS, SOLSTIS, OPTICALC and LIGHT.
  • OXALIS-LASER - 3D coherent beam propagation and Gaussian beam propagation software along optical systems and laser cavities, including diffraction, gain saturation, thermal lensing and others physical effects. Products are SimCa and COMMOD.
  • OpTaliX - Comprehensive optical design and thin film analysis software. Supports 3d surface tilts, aspheres, gratings, gradient index, spline deformation, optimization, diffraction analysis, coatings.
  • Optalix - Software for optical system design, thin-films and illumination.
  • Optical Data Solutions, Inc. - Offers LensVIEW, a CD-ROM database of lens design examples found in the optical design literature, mainly from patents. Includes more than 30000 individual designs.
  • Optical Research Associates - Optical design and illumination software. Also pages educating about optics.
  • Optical Systems Design, Inc. - Information and download of SYNOPSYS lens design program (SYNthesis of OPtical SYStems) evaluation copy.
  • OpticalSoftware - Different optical software packages. Lens designer, ray tracker and custom material creator.
  • Optics Lab - Optical raytracing software for optical design and analysis.
  • Optics Lab Optical Ray Tracing Software - Program helps use evaluate optical systems for performance standards. Page includes list of specifications, free demo and pricing information.
  • Optima-Research - Supplies equipment and software for scientists and engineers. Also provides training in computer-based optical design and modelling.
  • Optiwave - Software for integrated and fiber optics.
  • Photon Design - Software tools for integrated optics, fibre optics, diode laser, TWA and diffractive optics modelling. Products include FIMMWAVE, FIMMPROP-3D and CLADISS-2D.
  • Photon Design - Provides a suite of photonics software including a mode solver, optical propagation tool, design and simulation tools.
  • Photon Engineering - Optical engineering and optics-related software development such as FRED (optical engineering software package).
  • Quick MTF - This software is designed for assessment and comparison of the major lens quality components. It measures resolution and chromatic aberration.
  • RSoft Design Group, Inc. - Photonics design automation software. Offers a range of photonic and network design automation products including a component design suite, the simulation of single mode and multimode optical communication systems and a network modeling package.
  • SCIOPT Enterprises - Software for Optical, Laser, and Integrated Optical system design. Products are PARAXIA, SIGRAPH-OPTIK, OPTEC.
  • Sarkomand Software - Optical simulation, particle beams, and other scientific software (Macintosh).
  • Scientific Computing International SCI - Software for optical thin film design, characterization and metrology systems. Current products include: Film Wizard, Film Spectrum and Film Ellipse.
  • Semiconsoft - Thin Film Optical Metrology Software (Ellipsometry, Reflectance, Transmittance) for research and development and production. The main product is TFCompanion, a software application for thin film analysis and metrology. Includes analytical tools for interpretation of measurement data. Available for all operating systems with JVM support (Windows, Apple, Unix).
  • Sinclair Optics, Inc. - OSLO optical design software. Free evaluation level OSLO LT available.
  • Sky Scientific Optical Design and Astronomy - Offers optical design software for engineering professionals, students and educators. Products for astronomy and astrophotography.
  • Software Spectra - Software for designing and manufacturing optical multi-layer thin film coatings. Its primary product is TFCalc.
  • Stellar Software. - Beam III, IV, optical raytracer for use by students and optical engineers. Windows and Mac versions available.
  • TEC++ - Optical design and analysis software VOB by METEC with optimization.
  • Thin Film Center, Inc. - Offers optical thin film design and analysis software and product descriptions for Essential Macleod. Training services and consulting for the coating industry.
  • UNIGIT - Vector optical diffraction solver for 2D and 3D patterned multilayer stacks and gratings based on the MMFE and the Rayleigh-Fourier Method.
  • Universitat de Barcelona - The Optical Charactersisation Group offers software tools for the optical characterisation of thin film materials and multilayer stacks based on spectrophotometric and ellipsometric measurements.
  • WaveSim - FRESNEL, software that simulates laser beam propagation through various optical schemes.
  • Wavelab Scientific Ptd., Ltd - Provider of ZEMAX optical design software, ZEMAX training courses, tfcalc thin film design software and laser cavity design software.
  • WinLase - Software for laser resonator design and gaussian beam propagation (MS-Win, demo available).
  • ZEMAX - Software for all aspects of optical system design.


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