Friday, 21 October 2011

JDM Programmer

JDM Programmer


The JDM Programmer is a High-Voltage Programmer which is connected to the serial port (COM port) of the PC. It takes the programming voltage directly from the PC's COM port, so no separate power supply is needed. Due to the reason that the power supply is taken from the COM-port, for "weak" COM ports (especially in Notebooks) this could be a problem. So in this case the COM port could not provide a sufficent programming voltage and programming will fail.
Please note that this programmer will not work with a USB-to-Serial adapter.

Schematics / Layouts


Note: To allow programming of PIC 12F629 / 12F675 / ... it is necessary to modify the original JDM programmer as shown in the schematic above. This modification allows VCC control which is necessary for this PICs.
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