Friday, 21 October 2011


PICPgm LVISP (Low-Voltgage, In-System Programmer)
PICPgm LVISP is a Low-Voltgage, In-System Programmer. It is conneteced to the PC via the parallel port (LPT port).
Note: The +5V supply for the programmer is take from the target board (via +5V pin on the programmer cable), i.e. the target board has to be powered to allow programming.
Schematics / Layouts

PIC circuit for usage with LVISP programmer
To be able to use the LVISP progammer, the following minimum PIC circuit is necessary on your target board. Please not that the PGM pin of the PIC cannot be used in case Low-Voltage programming is used. This pin must always be tied to GND for proper operation!

PICPgm LVISP Connection to PIC circuit


The Low-Voltage Programmer is very small. It fits into a Sub-D connector box: Here is a picture of the complete Low-Voltage Programmer cable:
LVISP programmer picture


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