Thursday, 20 October 2011

ATMEL AT89SXX ISP Flash SERIAL Programmer v1.4

HI   Welcome to the world of Microcontrollers,here  first thing you need is a Device Programmer. This In System Programmer use RS232 (serial port)  for communication. 
Figure 1 shows  the  Block diagram of the in-system programmer interface,  the programmer can be self powered or target powered it depends on how you plan to use it.


Figure 1:   Block Diagram of the ISP Programmer

Figure 2  shows  the  actual circuit  diagram. The Programmer has just two ICs. IC1 = AT89C2051, IC2 = MAX 232. Few Resistors, LEDs, capacitors etc. The value of the crystal is critical and must be 11.0592 MHz.  



Assemble the circuit and burn the firmware into an AT89C2051(you will need a conventional parallel Programmer to Program the AT89C2051).


The Software is a Windows GUI application and supports all programming functions. When you run the software for the first time it looks for a valid programmer on COM1. If the Programmer is connected to say COM2 you will receive an error message but when the application starts select Options->Settings on the Menu and specify the correct COM Port.
Following are the main features of this software,

  • Device Supported - AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S8252, AT89S8253.

  • Read and write  Intel Hex files.

  • Chip Erase.

  • Verify.

  • Lock.

  • Read Device Signature.

  • Advanced Device Specific Functions.

  • Download

    AT89SXX ISP Flash Programmer Software   ISP_PROG
    Firmware for AT89C2051             Firmware


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