Friday, 21 October 2011

PICPgm USB Programmer

PICPgm USB Programmer


The PICPgm USB Programmer is a Low-Voltgage, In-System Programmer. It uses a FT245BL chip from FTDI. This chip provides a Parallel IO port via USB. The PICPgm Software uses the Bit Bang Mode feature of the FT245BL to contol the PIC programming pins.
To use this programmer, you have to install the D2XX driver which is provided by FTDI. It can be downloaded at
This programmer allows programming of PICs with PCs which have no parallel port or serial port. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the USB bus, read operations from the PIC are very slow with this programmer. So I would suggest to use this programmer only to program a bootloader into the PIC. Further programming can be done after that via the bootloader which might be much faster.

Schematics / Layouts

PICPgm USB Programmer


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