Friday, 21 October 2011

Physics: Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics

Hi this is my next good one for you

  • ANSYS CFX - High performance, general purpose CFD program that has been applied to solve wide-ranging fluid flow problems for over 20 years.
  • Advanced Aerodynamics Software - Software for airfoil aerodynamics by Dr. Hanley including the library of NACA 4, 5 and 6 digit airfoils. Computes lift, drag, moments and the Fourier coefficients for thin airfoil theory. Visualizes streamlines, pressure contours and boundary layers.
  • AeroLogic - The company which produces PSW, a program for visualizing fluid flow.
  • Airfoil Analysis Software - Windows software for analyzing airfoils using CFD and analytical techniques. VisualFoil can export an O-Mesh for finite difference/volume CFD analysis. On-line purchase.
  • Analytic and Computational Research, Inc. - ACRi specialises in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and consulting services. Online purchase of their software.
  • Analytical Services and Materials, Inc. - Developer of the CFD solver PAB3D and provider of CFD analysis for industry and government R&D using Beowulf clusters. Based in Hampton, VA, USA.
  • Cambridge Flow Solutions Ltd. - Proprietary CAD, mesh and CFD software with application examples, including Formula 1 aerodynamics and unsteady combustion, from a network of developers based in Cambridge, UK.
  • FloEFD - Fully-featured 3D fluid flow and heat transfer analysis package without the numerical complexity and meshing overhead of traditional CFD.
  • FloTHERM - 3D computational fluid dynamics software that predicts airflow and heat transfer in and around electronic equipment, including the coupled effects of conduction, convection and radiation.
  • Flovent - CFD-based analysis software and consultancy services for simulation of building heating, airflow and ventilation.
  • Flow Science Incorporated - FLOW-3D, CFD software specializing in free surface flows, metal casting, fuel sloshing, ink jets and hydraulics. Based in Santa Fe, NM, USA.
  • Flownex - System CFD simulation software for performing detailed analysis and design of compressible and incompressible thermal-fluid systems such as complex pipe networks
  • - Open channel flow calculator that lets users perform hydrologic and hydraulic calculations including open channel flow computations. Also offers weir and orifice flow calculations.
  • Fluid Power Resources - Software and data for hydraulics engineers.
  • Fluid Power Systems Dynamic Simulation Software - List of software packages.
  • Free CFD - Open-source, general purpose, computational fluid dynamics code initiative.
  • GDT Software Group: GasDynamicsTool - Computational package intended for numerical simulation of gas-dynamical processes within a broad range of initial and boundary conditions.
  • Hanley Innovations - Provides software for rapid aeordynamics conceptual design and analysis. Useful for education and industry.
  • HullDrag/32 - Estimates a yacht's hull resistance and suggests optimum values for LCB, Cp and LCF based on a target optimisation speed.
  • Icepak Electronics Cooling Software - Predicts air flow and heat transfer at component, board and cabinet levels.
  • JPIV - Software package for particle image velocimetry. It is open source, platform independent, and available under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.
  • Mentor Graphics: Mechanical Analysis - Provides advanced computational fluid dynamics products including FloTHERM, a 3D computational fluid dynamics software that predicts airflow and heat transfer and FloEFD, a 3D fluid flow and heat transfer analysis software.
  • Numeca - Software for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design and automation.
  • Open Source Image Velocimetry - OSIV is a software suite that provides a number of programs for performing cross-correlation analysis of particle image velocimetry images.
  • PHOENICS - Computational fluid dynamics software suite from CHAM for the simulation of fluid-flow, heat-transfer and chemical reaction processes.
  • Phoenics Reader - Post-processing software for CHAM Phoenics CFD.
  • Pipe Pressure Loss Calculator - Free of charge Windows2000/XP program to calculate the pressure loss in a pipe using different methods. The web page contains formulas and tables related to the pressure loss calculation.
  • Pipesize - Excel spreadsheet template that calculates pressure drop, velocity and heat loss for gases and liquids flowing through pipes.
  • Piping Systems Fluid Flow - Software for the design and optimisation of pipe networks, transporting compressible or incompressible fluids. Windows. Free download of demonstration version.
  • Pointwise Inc. - Grid generation software and services centered around the Gridgen software product: a multi-block, structured grid generator for computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
  • Ricardo Software - Simulation software for mechanics, gas dynamics and fluid mechanics, focusing on internal combustion engines and vehicles. Marketing, training, support.
  • SingleChips - Natural gas flow calculator.
  • TES International - ElectroFlo is an electronics cooling software package for thermal management. TES also provides thermal and structural analysis for the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries.
  • Tankjkt - Excel 97 spreadsheet template that calculates heat transfer coefficients and pressure drop in jacketed tanks.
  • The Visu Project - A versatile visualization tool for scientific simulation data, distributed under the GNU GPL.
  • ThermoTun-Online - Rail tunnel ventilation and aerodynamic simulation software for use by tunnel design engineers. A demo version is available for academic comparisons.
  • VentiManifold - Excel spreadsheet template that calculates the pressure profile in a a vent manifold or flare system.
  • Vibronurse - Vibration analysis and condition monitoring resource site. Free rotor balancing programs and efficiency calculation software including gas turbines and centrifugal compressors.


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