Wednesday, 20 July 2011

IR Remote Controlled Tracked Robot

IR Remote Controlled Tracked Robot

Step 1Assembling the Double Gearbox

Assembling the Double Gearbox

A basic hobby motor turning at 12,300 RPM is basically useless without a good gearbox. Just touching the shaft will stall the motor. I obtained a Tamiya double gearbox kit for under $10, which through a series of gears provided a ratio of 114.7:1 at 115RPM. There were a lot of small parts in this kit; and it looks a little intimidating; but the pictorial instructions were more than adequate. The drive train for a tracked vehicle would require left-hand and right-hand gear-head motors; so having both sides together in one package is a real convience (one gearbox to mount instead of two).

Step 22 Plate Set for drive Train Body

2 Plate Set for drive Train Body

Step 3Wheel and Track Set

Wheel and Track Set

Step 4Underside of the Tank

Underside of the Tank

Step 5Stand-offs for Upper Plate

Stand-offs for Upper Plate

Step 6PICAXE Microcontroller Circuit Board

PICAXE Microcontroller Circuit Board

Circuit Diagram

Step 7Side View of Completed Robot

Side View of Completed Robot

Step 8Top View

Top View

tep 9Presenting "Jim-Bob" Robot 2

Presenting \"Jim-Bob\" Robot 2

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