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How to build the one motor walker!

Step 1

How to build the one motor walker!

Items for the robot:
1 x Servo motor with servo horn
1 x Terminal block
1 x plastic gear ~2 inch
1 x plastic servo horn
1 x 2 feet of 8 to 10 gauge wire ( can use coat hanger wire or 10-gauge copper wire )
1 x short piece plastic tubing ( can use the isolation from the 8-10 gauge wire )
2 x AA or AAA battery holder

You could use the GM8 from solarbotics
don't forget this

Items for the BICORE"
2 x .22 µF monolithic capacitors
1 x 100K to 10M� resistor (we recommend 3.2M�)
1 x 74HCT240 integrated circuit (IC) 74AC240 will be better
1 x 20-pin DIP IC socket
1 x on/off toggle switch (smallest you can find)

the recommended tools for this project:
1 x safety glasses!!
1 x soldering iron
1 x glue gun
1 x wire strippers
1 x side cutter
1 x scissors, knife, x-acto, etc

Step 2

How to build the one motor walker!
This is main mechanical part you will need to make the robot.

You can find this sort of gear in VCR. Search garage sale or ask familly and friends.
The DVD is already obsolete thank to the BluRay, imagine how obsolete is the VCR! :P

The gear in the picture is from a VCR.

Step 3

How to build the one motor walker!

Glue the servo horn to the plastic gear. Be sure both hole are aligned.

You can use traditional servo horn for this project. It will work.

Step 4

Step 5

How to build the one motor walker!

Here you are building the pivot rod for the front gear.

Step 6The front gear

Find a rigid plastic tubing that fit over the coat hanger. This tube is your pivot.

You can use the plastic that cover a electric wire. Maybe some 14/2 or 10/2 wire will do.

Step 7The gear assembly

the gear assembly
Read step 8 to understand what does 14/2 mean.

This is a easy step. You insert the front gear into the metal rod.

Bend the rod so both gear touch. This is really important.

To secure the gear, look at the step 9. I use terminal block to hold it place.

Step 8The legs

The legs

The legs

You can use a coat hanger to make the legs. Find some 14 gauge cooper wire. It is normally call 14/2 or some will say 2/14
8 to 10 gauge will work too.

14 is the gauge ( the size, the diameter of the wire )

22 gauge is breadboard wire and gauge 0 is the size of your finger! 200 Amp

2 is the number of wire not counting the ground. You have a black and white wire.
The black wire is the "hot" that carry the 120V

14/3 is the same with one more wire. The wire is red. You normally use this wire when you have
a 3 way. Two switchs that control one light for example. 

Step 9The battery holder

the battery holder

the battery holder

We will hook are battery holder in serie to get higher voltage but with the same current.

Four battery of 1,5Volts will give 6V of power.

If you use rechargeable battery it will be 4,8Volts 

Step 10The circuit

The circuit

This is a the hard part if you never made electronics.

Step 11

How to build the one motor walker!

Glue the circuit on top of the servo.

Hook up the motor to the circuit like the circuit. 

Step 12

How to build the one motor walker!


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